Hull sales partners

Multiyacht Marine Kft.

The exclusive Hungarian representative of the Italian brands Eolo and Ranieri. The Eolo factory is open to electric drivetrain technology, so they provide lightweight hulls for the eKraft drivetrain.
Multi yacth logo

WaterFront Balaton Kft.

Owner of the Hungarian designed and manufactured Phantom brand. The Phantom 28 is a hull with a sleek design. The exclusive, sporty look is supported by the eKraft electric drivetrain’s dynamic driving performance.
Phantom logo

Wiking Yacht Club

We use their ports to get on the water during electric sailings on the Danube. They are the exclusive Hungarian distributor of several special ship types.
Wiking yacth klub logo

Fűke Yacht Kft.

We board our electric boats on the northern shore of Lake Balaton using their port and sliding-way in Balatonalmádi. They sell self-designed speedboat and sailboat models.
Fűke Yacht logo

Development partners, suppliers

Indupro Kft.

Hungary's first journey work center specializing in laser technologies. During our developments, we use their expertise and machine park for tasks that require special laser technology.
Indupro logo

Drivetrain Innovation Kft.

Working closely together, they develop the components needed for the driveline to meet our unique needs. Their proactive attitude contributes greatly to our success.
Drivetrain Innovation logo

Digitall Consulting Hungary Kft.

They provide advice on innovation and R&D applications. They manage the complete submission of our applications.
Digitall Consulting Hungary logo

Kerttrade Kft.

They contribute to our success by providing a wide range of plastic raw materials and keeping them in stock, as well as manufacturing custom parts designed by eKraft.
Kerttrade logo

KLS-2000 Kft.

Their machine shop produces mechanical parts designed by eKraft. They help the development of our production with CNC cutting, prototype production and an innovative approach.
KLS-2000 logo

VMSZ - Vízimentők Magyarországi Szakszolgálata és Önkéntes Tűzoltó Egyesület

We work closely with the Water Rescue Service in the development of electric service watercraft.
Vízimentők Magyarországi Szakszolgálata logo

Széchenyi Egyetem - Járműipari Kutatóközpont

We carry out our R&D activities in close cooperation with the Széchenyi University, they provide us a scientific and research background with their special equipment and laboratories.
Széchenyi Egyetem logo

Országos Vízügyi Főigazgatóság

OVF provides our customers to find out the current data of lakes and rivers during cruising.

Pelsoproject Kft.

We regularly use the advice and design work of the ship designing and engineering company when rebuilding certain ships. They make our job easier with their precise work and helpful attitude.
Pelsoproject logo

Lukács & Máté

Working with an industrial design engineering firm, we help our shipbuilding clients create the most eye-catching lines without the hassle of installing an eKraft powertrain.
Lukács & Máté logó

Flaar Kft.

Experienced in the production of hulls and in the use of innovative composite technologies, FLAAR helps us with high-quality production of plastic elements.