eKraft's boat department is outstanding.

Our goal is to serve all the nautical needs, whether it is the conquest of rivers, lakes, or seas. We are rethinking the modern, widespread electric powertrains and installing them into marine culture.

From ideas to products

The colleagues at eKraft Europe Ltd. started working on a prototype of an electric boat in 2018, so that even after the combustion engines were banned, they could freely ride their boats and enjoy water sports on Lake Balaton. The prototype was completed in the summer of 2019. During the test drives it made such an interest, that we decided to take part at the 2020 Budapest Boat Show with our 180 HP powertrain. Since many were interested, we founded eKraft Europe Ltd. and started fine-tuning a marketable powertrain. In the 2020 season, many parties and customers were convinced by the performance and quality of our system, so at the end of that year we moved into a larger site where we can fully serve the unique needs of our customers.


eKraft Europe Ltd. is a fully Hungarian, innovative company that was established with the aim of becoming market leader in the development and integration of universally applicable electric powertrain.

Values that are important for eKraft

In addition to protecting nature, our company considers active rest and relaxation important. We are developing a broad powertrain portfolio along this principle.


Winter, 2021
  • The eKraft 200 is being released
  • We filed our patent for battery cooling
  • We have almost doubled our team of engineers and technicians
Autumn, 2021
  • We have started developing the new electric outboard drivetrain family
  • At the Balaton Boat Show we represented with two boats equipped with eKraft 180 drivetrain and 6 people, so we can serve the high interest
Summer, 2021
  • The DYNO (dynamometer) has arrived
  • Our systems now can be tested on land, thanks to the new development (immersion-cooled battery), eKraft electric powertrains can be recharged immediately after a high-performance voyage
Spring, 2021
  • eKraft has changed its brand identity and website
  • We’ve been working on the electrification of the first boats
Autumn, 2020
  • We moved to a new site and expanded our team to prepare for the 2021 season
Summer, 2020
  • We received the first subscriptions and preorders
  • Continuous testing and development
Spring, 2020
  • First test ride with the eKraft 180
  • Appearance at the Budapest Boat Show where we received huge attention with our electric powertrain
  • Establishment of eKraft Europe Ltd.
Autumn, 2019
  • Work started on the eKraft 180 prototype
Summer, 2019
  • Interest gathered during test drives
  • The idea of a high performance powertrain was born
Spring, 2019
  • First test ride
Summer, 2018
  • Work started on the first prototype
Spring, 2018
  • The idea was born

Are you interested?

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