We have formed a dedicated team that includes engineers, technicians, and colleagues performing operational tasks. We strive to maintain a balance between working together and individually. We pay significant attention to the professional development and further training our colleagues. We are proud of our team members who support eKraft with enthusiastic attitude and professional humility, helping to keep development and manufacturing alive.


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Varga Péter

Péter has over ten years of experience in electronic prototyping and in small series production. As a founder he has already built StartUp companies for the EU market, therefore he can easily manage the economic and corporate law processes. He regularly gives presentations at professional conferences and has a decisive role in talent management programs as a mentor.

Péter Varga


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With 24 years of economic and 18 years of industrial experience, Csaba ensures that the products created as a result of the developments can be produced economically by monitoring the combined and mutually reinforcing effects of the technical and economic aspects and value analysis.

Csaba Petti


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Gergely provides the company's organizational, economic, financial, liquidity and administrative background with 20 years of experience in the economic field, including 15 years in management positions, utilizing the knowledge and experience accumulated in the corporate environment by the business owners.

Gergely Nagyiványi


Client service and marketing

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Forgó Fruzsina

Fruzsina works on administration and operation precisely and provides stable background for firm operation. Her managing experience helps her to accomplish complex and challenging tasks with which an office manager is faced on a daily basis.

Fruzsina Forgó

Office manager

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Hunyadi Attila

Attila helps our customers find the ideal drivetrain with a technical approach, mechanical experience, and several years of customer relationship history. In addition, he helps eKraft run smoothly and in a balanced way by performing operational tasks. His good organizational skills in preparing for exhibitions and open days and his systematic thinking in the operation of the organization further help our team.

Attila Hunyadi

Operations lead

Development and production

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Hanula Bálint

After graduating in Germany, Bálint further deepened his mechatronics knowledge at the Budapest University of Technology. As the chief engineer of Formula Student, he gained experience in the construction of the first Hungarian all-wheel drive electric racing car. He worked on the electric servos of ThyssenKrupp, then as the head of the battery development department of KUKA Hungária he further deepened his electronic knowledge. He is helping the eKraft team with advanced design of the electric drivetrain and the development of high voltage electronics.

Bálint Hanula

Chief electrical engineer

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Mogyorósi Péter

After he got his degree in electrical engineering and then in engineering informatics, Peter joined the team of the well-known Robert Bosch, where he immersed himself in the world of embedded software development. Using his highly detailed knowledge of C ++, Qt, and Linux, he develops the eKraft Infotainment system that our customers encounter first-hand through the touch screen.

Péter Mogyorósi

Software engineer

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Veres-Székely Vidor

Vidor has a deep knowledge in the development and prototyping of electric drivetrain system components and batteries, which he acquired primarily as a member of Siemens and then of Rolls-Royce Electrical. During his studies in transport engineering and mechanical engineering at the Budapest University of Technology, he has worked and taught in the field of additive manufacturing technologies, as well as laser cutting and CNC cutting of polymers.

Vidor Veres-Székely

Mechanical engineer

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Koronka Áron

During his master’s education, Áron participated in the development and installation of production support equipment as an intern for Magyar Suzuki. Subsequently, as a member of Siemens and later Rolls-Royce Electrical, he deepened his knowledge in production support and system integrator position in aircraft electric drivetrain system projects. He supports the eKraft team in defining manufacturer requirements and preparing prototypes for serial production.

Áron Koronka

Mechanical engineer

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Csintalan Dániel

Daniel was already involved in the electrical and mechanical construction of robots during his high school studies. He then gained experience in electronics, diagnostics, and mechanics in a car repair shop. He is currently studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Óbuda. Using his previous experience, he plays an important role in the assembly and integration of eKraft's electronic units into the ships, and we can also count on his knowledge of vehicles in mechanical and mechanical tasks.

Dániel Csintalan

Electrical engineer

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Jancsó Roland

Roland has been working in the car electronics field since 2018 which gave him stable technical knowledge. As a technician he is responsible for building batteries and constructing electrical boxes, but also he takes part in powertrain’s full integration process.

Roland Jancsó

Electrical technician

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Szabó Déne

With 2 years of process engineering experience, Dénes helps with the development of production at eKraft, whether it is the acquisition of production equipment or the definition of work processes. In addition, he is also skilled in fire and accident prevention tasks, thanks to his degree in Defense Administration, so he plays an important role in our cooperation with the National Directorate General for Disaster Management.

Dénes Szabó

Mechanical engineer

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Heves-Tóth Viktor

Viktor began his university years by learning about embedded microcontroller systems, and then completed his MSc in power conversion and storage systems. He gained experience in the electrical drivetrain systems industry at NCT Ipari Elektronika Kft. after working in the field of embedded systems and PCB design at Ipsol System House. He helps the eKraft team primarily in the development and integration of vehicle control electronics.

Viktor Hevesi-Tóth

Electrical engineer

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Kohanecz Ádám

Ádám's good results in various national electronics and programming competitions during his high school studies established his future. He is currently deepening his knowledge in the field of automated manufacturing and embedded systems at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Óbuda. He helps the work of the eKraft team with the development of various measuring systems and the knowledge of the most modern measuring technology tools.

Ádám Kohanecz

Electrical engineer

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Kasza Dávid

Dávid won several awards in various electronic competitions and competitions (eg: National Instruments - Visual Thinking Programming Competition and Hungarian Electronics Association - Operate Competition) during his high school studies. He is deepening his knowledge in the field of automated production systems at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Kandó Kálmán University. He plays a key role in the design, implementation and testing of complex manufacturing processes while he also helps integrate electronic units into the ships.

Dávid Kasza

Electrical engineer

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Kovács Norbert

As a mechatronic engineer, Norbert has gained a lot of experience in the mechanical engineering world. His expertise ranges from shaping machines, the design of military autonomous systems and police radars, to the drivetrain system of electric aircraft. He primarily helps our team by designing drivetrain integration and developing manufacturability processes.

Norbert Kovács

Mechatronic engineer

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